Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My Tragus Piercing

I got my tragus pierced at the beginning of October 2010.
My friend Claire and I both wanted to get something pierced.
I decided on my tragus and she wanted her nose doing.
We went to the Piercing Bodz in Chester,
Great place, very clean, friendly and definitely not dodgey!

Pain doesn't both me at all,
so I wasn't expecting it to hurt that much.
Oh ho ho,
I was so wrong.
It really does hurt and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
The initial piercing is a bitch but when the jewelry is put through its not too bad,
since your hearts pounding like a mofo.
It was love at first sight!
I paid £25 for it, so so worth it.

Now the healing is quite lengthy, since its a cartilage piercing.
Sleeping on that ear for the first few months is bad.
Banging it just makes the thing angry as hell.
So I suggest to leave it alone.

I tried changing my barbell to a circular barbell after a few months.
I thought it was healed since when I touched it there was no pain, I couldn't really feel it.
That was the worst mistake I could ever do.
My ear got so angry and inflamed.
I took it out straight away and tried to put a normal barbell back in it.
I was stressing out because it was so fiddley.
After about an hour of trying I managed to get it back in.

I'm still in love with it and plan on keeping it for as long as possible!

If you've got any questions, 
don't hesitate to ask!

Harriet x


  1. Ahhh I got mine back in december, and surprisingly it didnt hurt at all! Guess everyone just reacts differently :) x

  2. Awww it's gorgeous! But I'm too afraid of the pain, I always almost faint when I get a piercing done!

  3. It looks so pretty, I've been thinking about getting my tragus done for a while but I don't like pain at all! I had my belly done about a year ago and i nearly cried haha, i think i have a v. low pain threshold. I'm still debating whether to get it done or not though as it looks so gorgeous! x

  4. Ah! It looks like it would hurt a lot. But, it's really cute! Probably worth the pain, huh?

    KF x

  5. It hurts but a split second later its fine.
    Pain is Gain ladies!
    haha :D

  6. yes...this piercing does hurt! mine actually got badly infected...but i was still able to keep it in :) and i just love it!! i have had mine in for about 2 years now. looks so cute on you too!

  7. Cute piercing! There is definitely nothing worse than accidentally pulling on a cartilage piercing or whacking it! Seems to hurt more than getting it originally pierced xx